Happy 2017!


Looking at new horizons.

Happy New Year to you all. This is often a time of introspection; alongside the celebrations comes a moment to reflect on how we have lived our past 12 months. If you have achieved what you set out to, congratulations! Or  have you been taken by surprise, like me and discovered that the bigger picture was even bigger than you imagined; par for the course when you live in true surrender and with all that implies.

The desert has a way of making you surrender; to it’s heat, to it’s winds, to it’s silence, to it’s roar. That is why I decided to make next year’s Wild Woman Retreats here, because these times we are facing, both personally and in the world in general are about a break from the battles. They are about integrating peace into our lives, they are about surrendering. What better place to experience the letting go of our fight than in a space of pure beautiful emptiness.

Emptiness is everything! Be empty with no fear in 2017. Let your emptiness become full. Full of everything you dream, you love and you are. Look to the horizon and stand firm on your ground, wherever that may be. Xx




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