20-24 March 2017 – Tamraght: 3 Day Intensive: 1st & 2nd Degree Reiki. Reiki Practitioner.

1st Degree Reiki.

This level of Reiki training introduces you to the Usui Reiki Natural Healing System and opens you to begin experiencing Reiki healing energy. You are expected to be able to sense and feel the Reiki after attunement and initiation by a Reiki Master.

Usui Reiki enables and supports a path of self-healing and personal transformation through practice and self-discipline.

In taking this initial level of Reiki training, you are awakened to the knowledge of your own energy and the universal life force and how they both have a direct impact on the world you live in. The objective of this course is to share with you some of the tools that are available to help you become a better functioning person in that world.

After completing 1st Degree Reiki, you are able to use Reiki on yourself, on your family, your pets and plants, even your food will benefit from your practice.

Introduction to Energy Healing.

Simple meditation techniques, breathing techniques and movement patterns will be shared, to bring you to a personal understanding, through experience, of body, mind and spirit functioning in alignment. This add-on module draws from a range of metaphysical methods which, when applied, will amplify your ability and widen your range of personal practice.

No experience is required to attend this two-in-one course. It is recommended for those who feel they would like to begin a process of investigation and experimentation in alternative ways of maintaining physical, mental and spiritual health.

By the end of the course you will not only have achieved Level 1 Reiki, you will also have a new way of looking at yourself and your environment. You will know how to deal with tensions and anxieties in a more centred, peaceful way and you will have taken the first step on the path to healing and enlightenment.

Second Degree Reiki. Reiki Practitioner.

This course will provide you with the tools to offer Reiki to clients, whether as an integrated part of another healing modality or as a stand alone treatment. You may also choose Second Degree Reiki to further your Reiki practice for use as a self-healing, personal development practice, or to use with your family, friends or your animals.

You may take this course if you have been attuned to First Degree Usui Reiki. Training and attunements are in a Western lineage of Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki.

N.B This course is not suitable for newcomers to energy healing practices, who are invited to come to the course: Reiki 1st Degree and An Introduction to Energy Healing.

What will you have achieved by the end of this course?

  • Full attunement to the Reiki Second Degree, by a highly qualified Reiki Master Teacher.
  • Training in how to use the second degree Reiki symbols both in self-healing and with clients in treatment.
  • A deeper understanding of the Japanese Natural System of Healing that is Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki, it’s background and history.
  • Integration techniques (including meditation and movement) for Reiki therapists and practitioners, to assist you in assimilating and anchoring the second degree energy into your personal life on a physical, mental and emotional level.
  • Guidance on how to conduct a treatment, including ethics and right practice.
  • Certificate and Reiki Second Degree Manual.

Reiki assists with self-healing,  insomnia, migraines, emotional changes or traumas, physical pain caused by injury, post-operative recovery, general malaise or depression and many other conditions of dis-ease.

Spiritual awakening is also greatly aided by Reiki and many find their inner questioning and turmoil eased as they are bathed in clear light.

Clear Light

Reiki 1 and An Introduction to Energy Healing.

10-6 One Day Course.

Certificate and manual.

Reiki 2nd Degree.


DAY 1:

10-10.30 Welcome and introductions.


Opening meditation.
The deeper history and background of Reiki as a healing technique.
Further history of Sensei Usui.
Integration Techniques. #1 : Breathing and basic posture.
Your Reiki so far. How does second degree Reiki differ from first
Introduction to the second degree symbols.

LUNCH 2 – 3


Meditation followed by attunements to Second Degree Reiki.
The symbols in depth and how to use them in self healing.
Using the Reiki symbols on other people. Hand positions.
Distance healing.
Incorporating breathing, posture and alignment techniques into a treatment.
Reiki practice: Practicing self treatment and treatments for clients.


DAY 2:

10-11 Opening meditation and feedback from Day 2.


Integration techniques. #3 Moving mediation and energy cultivation.
Practical energy housekeeping: Engaging with another persons energy
Grounding yourself after a treatment.
How to detox after a treatment.



What can Reiki treat? Conditions, illnesses etc.
Using Reiki on animals and plants.
Using Reiki for planetary healing and community service.
Ethics and correct conduct for Reiki Practitioner/Therapist.
Reiki share.

Certificate presentation and closing meditation.

3 Day Intensive 1st and 2nd Degree Reiki courses incorporate all of the above training into one concentrated set.


imageRJ Raymond
Reiki Master and Sound Healer.

In 2009 I left a professional music career in London and Ibiza and chose to transform my work by combining music with lifelong spiritual practices and interest in healing .
I completed sound healing training and Usui Reiki Master Teacher Diplomas in the UK, offering courses, workshops and treatments in a leading holistic fitness center, whilst also studying QiGong & TaiJiQuan with Shaolin laymonk ShiFu Shi XingLik until 2014. After returning to the Andalucian mountains in Spain, I was honored to meet Sensei Ray Carbullido of Dragon Gate Sanctuary, Hawaii and become one of his students.
I moved to Morocco in 2016 and now spend my time between Marrakech and the Sahara, offering healing therapies, training, recording meditation music, running retreats and facilitating desert camp excursions with my beloved Amazigh friends.

In addition to teaching Usui Reiki from the Western lineages, I offer treatments using Hirai Shiki Ryoho Reiki; a rare and highly specialized form of energy healing containing Japanese, Tibetan, Martial Arts and Usui Reiki techniques. Although there are many Reiki practitioners, there are very few from this Eastern lineage and no-one else (to my knowledge) in Morocco.

Alongside instruments, I also use my voice as a healing tool, as a singer of names and a transmitter of the beautiful and powerful Language of Light.

All treatments and training offered by me are non-denominational and do not attach to any religion, philosophy or sect.
(Please do note that all prayers offered by myself are to the one God, the Creator of All, Great Spirit and the only source of Divinity.)

Course Fees –

Reiki 1st Degree/An Introduction to Energy Healing – MAD 550

Reiki 2nd Degree – MAD 1100

3 Day Intensive (1st & 2nd Degree Reiki) – MAD 1500

Master Practitioner 5 Day Intensive – please enquire.

Places are to be secured with a 200DH deposit, with the outstanding fees to be paid in full on the first day of each course.*

Also applicable if you are booking as part of a residential       package via a third party host.

If you are interested, please don’t hesitate to contact me:

Facebook Page: Sahara Wild Woman